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Chocolatier Brett Roy is committed to crafting fresh, premium chocolate by hand daily on site in his new boutique chocolate store in Commerce Place. The shop is designed to be an open, contemporary update to the secret world of confections. Customers will see the craftsman at work making small batches of chocolates and confections behind a wall of glass, which keeps the chocolate rooms at various precise temperatures, but still lets the intoxicating chocolate aromas waft out to the delight of chocoholics.

Trained as a chef in his homeland Australia, Brett has gone on to specialize as a chocolatier with advanced training internationally. And before creating his incredible chocolate line up, Brett travelled thousands of kilometers sampling the finest confections in cities all over the world.

Not just any ordinary truffle!As a result, tasting world-class confections no longer requires a trek across the globe. See, smell and taste the difference of fresh chocolate and confections made on-site here in Alberta: from the Aztec haute chocolate served warm in store, buttery caramels and the addictive buttercrunch confection to a full range of modern twists on chocolate bon bons and truffles.

While it's not officially an essential food group yet, its a great time to be a chocoholic. Lovers of fine chocolate have had their suspicions about its healthful properties confirmed in spades in recent years. Researchers have found high quality chocolate, made without added preservatives and sugars like premium chocolate-makers Sweet Lollapalooza, contain natural chemicals that have been found to decrease blood pressure and offer similar benefits to well-known antioxidants like red wine and blueberries. Another reason to feel good about indulging.

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Double chocolate cruch squares
One bite of these handcrafted morsels and you’ll understand the quality, taste and texture that only fresh, handmade chocolates deliver. It will change the way you think about chocolate forever.

Quick chocolate tidbit.

Researchers at the National Heart & Lung Institute at Imperial College, London, discovered that chocolate could be more effective in treating coughs than traditional cough medicines.

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